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Looking for a way to protect your children's phones from unwanted content online?

With our customisable AI powered content moderator, you can empower your kids to enforce their boundaries online, find helpful resources for cyber violence such as harassment or bullying and let them browse their favourite socials with peace of mind.

Create a safe online environment while respecting your kids' privacy.

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Being a Kid is Hard

testimonial about bullying in quotes
Illustration of a distressed girl sitting with her phone in hand, symbols of hate surrounding her
testimonial about online bullying in quotes
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50% of women have received unsolicited pictures of male genitalia in their lives 

but underage girls are of significantly higher risk.

According to a UK study from 2021🔗, 76% of underage girls have received images of male genitalia online - and were largely asked to send nudes in return. Women and girls are especially targeted when it comes to sexual online violence.

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Girl Checking Her Phone

80% of Europeans agree that online platforms don't do enough to protect their users🔗 - take matters into your own hands!

Varying by age, the exposure to hate speech, offensive comments and personal attacks climaxes at around age 16 in Germany, research shows 🔗.

However, neither social media platforms nor authorities take enough actions to protect users.

Our Kids Deserve Better.

What Henrietta does:

Accurately Block Unwanted Content

Our advanced AI algorithms recognises harmful text and image based content within the apps your kids use and blocks them from their screens.

The content will be blurred or replaced by a cute cat picture instead and you as a guardian will be notified. 

Customise Your Content Options

We work on a variety of tools you can individually implement in your online experience. From hate speech to offensive comments about sexual orientation to vulgar images - pick and choose the age appropriate content and thresholds.

Respecting Your Child's Privacy

Henrietta is a blocking software similar to an ad block. As a guardian, you can not see the contents of images or texts like you would with spy ware but you will be notified that something happened. You can chose on how to approach the situation with your child and benefit from the resources we provide.

Real-Time Report Option

We do not want this to happen but in case Henrietta detects inappropriate content she provides the option to report the incident immediately with one click. Leaving your child not only protected but also empowered to take action!

Behind Henrietta

Elena Karrmann

Founder and CEO

"I received my first DP when I was 14 years old and in the end learned to laugh about the randomness of the act. It is no surprise that initially, I started this project as a lighthearted joke. 

But the more I dove into the nitty gritty research, the more I realised how problematic the topic is, how internalised my coping mechanisms were and how much more there can and should be done.

The tech is there, so why is there still no solution?"

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Let's talk!

Have you ever been exposed to unsolicited nudes and if so, how old were you? Have you ever been bullied online? Or maybe you have been worried about someone who has? We would love to hear more! Share your story with us or participate in our survey on unsolicited nudes!

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